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Karim Rashid's Exclusive Beds For Hollandia: Sphere & Glow

Hollandia International has partnered with one of the most progressive and acclaimed designers in the world, Karim Rashid, a leading figure in the fields of product, interior, fashion, furniture, lighting design and art.

The world-renowned designer, who has already designed tons of other modern beds, furniture, tech, package design, lighting, dishes... well, basically everything you can think of, created two beds for the industry lauded Israeli mattress and sleep system company; The Sphere bed and The Glow bed.

The Sphere Bed:

The Sphere brings a whole new dimension to experiential bedroom living. Recently unveiled in Moscow to rave and exciting reviews, this custom-made bed not only features the exclusive Hollandia advanced sleep system amenities of plush comfort, adjustability and soothing massage, but also includes:

• 32" Colored Television (Theater System is optional)
• Covered LED Florescent canopy-top lights
• Outside back vanity mirror
• Champagne holder
• Color and fabric of choice

price? $50,000.00

The Glow Bed:

Combining form and function, Rashid’s forward-looking design entices the imagination. With clean lines and a creative choice of materials, this is a bed for the 21st century.

• High gloss finish available in four colors
• Sleek, modern and compact design
• Drawers for storage under bed and in headboard
• Cabinet doors in headboard that swing out to create side tables

Other high-end sleep systems from Hollandia include the following:

The Groove:

The Elite:

The Executive:

Visit Hollandia to learn more.

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