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Stitchwitchery By Aubrey Longley-Cook. Sew Cool.

Talented young embroiderer Aubrey Longley-Cook ( who turns 24 tomorrow.. Happy Birthday Aubrey!!!) writes a blog from Atlanta, Georgia named Spool Spectrum on which he posts his own handiwork along with some fabulous textile work from other artists and some kitschy finds. He also sells some of his unique embroidery, each framed in a wood hoop, in a store of the same name as his blog on etsy.

above: Front and back of "Rex"

A self-proclaimed fan of cartoons, animation, cassettes and mix tapes, he is bringing embroidery a long way from its stereotype as a Granny craft.

This particular series of his fun "Stichwitchery" caught my eye:

Undead Thoroughbred:

Coop Spook:



And more of his other wonderful pieces:

Make A Wish
( a series of embroidered Dragon balls):


City In The Trees:

group Duel:

It's In Our Fingerprints:

Baal's Brass Band (embroidery on found fabric):

In addition to his embroidery shown above, he hand stitches cards, and creates many other interesting pieces of textile art.

above: Aubrey Longley-Cook

Check out his blog, Spool Spectrum and his etsy store. I, for one, look forward to seeing more of his work.

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