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$3.2 million iPhone 3GS Supreme. Officially The World's Most Expensive.

In the battle of the bling, Stuart Hughes presently holds the top honors with the introduction of his iPhone 3GS Supreme, officially the world's most expensive mobile phone at $3.2 million dollars ( or £1.92 million).

The ostentatious piece of technological hardware is encased in 271 grams of 22ct solid gold.

The front bezel houses 136 flawless diamonds of F color which total a massive 68 cts and the rear apple logo, set in solid gold has 53 flawless diamonds totaling 1 carat:

The major eye-popping feature is the front navigation button which is a single cut very rare diamond weighing a whopping 7.1 cts:

The chest which houses this unique handset is made from a single block of Kashmir Gold Granite, the inner lined with Nubuck top grain leather and which weighs is a massive 7kg.

Designed by Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, England, the phone was 10 months in the making and commissioned by an anonymous Australian businessman from the Gold mining industry.

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