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Watch, Listen & Warm. Poseidon Outdoor Heater With Screen & Speakers.

This is so cool! Er....warm.

Seems like a lot of products are multi-tasking for us these days and here's yet another new, modern hi-tech version of an old utilitarian product. The Poseidon by Chillchaser is an innovation in outdoor heating.

It incorporates a media player, speakers, built in USB port, remote functionality in a weatherproof modern metal design with carbon fiber heating tubes that significantly reduces running costs and cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 50% .

The IPX5 weatherproof media player features a super bright high resolution LCD display that is perfect for playback of all your videos, pictures and music. Audio is also catered for via the inbuilt crystal clear speakers. The built in USB port enables you to run video and audio from your memory sticks. You can also plug in your MP3 players and ipods using the 3.5 input socket.

The PIR economy feature enables the Poseidon patio heater to automatically switch on and off depending on activity near the unit. When enabled, the PIR sensor constantly monitors peoples’ movements up to a distance of 4 meters and if after 4 minutes it does not detect movement it will switch off. Thereafter, if the PIR sensor does detect movement it will automatically switch on at the original settings. This economy function optimises energy usage and minimizes CO2 emissions even further than the 50% already indicated – making Poseidon the most efficient and eco-friendly heater in the world.

Instant heat with two heat settings - 1350W / 2700W. - the elements are replaceable & designed to last 8,000 hours.
Far Infrared Electric heaters offer more focused heat, heating people rather than the air and emit zero CO2 exhaust gases unlike gas patio heaters. Far Infrared carbon fibre heating is used worldwide in hospitals for many problems as it is proven to be the most natural, versatile, and healthy form of heat known to man. FIR heat helps maintain body vitality and increases metabolic function without side effects

Built in rollers and pull handle facilitate easy mobility around patio areas. Poseidon also features a storage compartment for tidy cable management. The magnetic remote enables you to simply attach it to the body of the heater so that you don’t lose it.

It also has a safety master lock so children can't tamper with it and a safety tilt features that automatically shuts of the heater if it's knocked over.

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