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A Cool Look & Warm Feeling For The Winter Olympics From TBWA Chiat Day & VISA

Advertising agency TBWA Chiat Day continues their inspiring work for the Olympics with a new campaign, promotion and website for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The GO WORLD ad campaign for VISA continues, but now with a cool icy blue winter look and a warm approach. The television, print work and accompanying website give us chills, while simultaneously raising our body temperatures.

The campaign breaks with a new TV commercial, still using the fabulous Morgan Freeman as the voice-over:

In addition, they are promoting using your VISA card for a chance to win a trip to the Winter Games:

The website, which just launched yesterday, intimately introduces us to five competing athletes; Linsdey Jacobellis, Julia Mancuso, Ryan St. Onge, Angela Ruggiero, and Alexi Salamone, whose inspirational stories are told through nicely produced beautiful training videos, photo stills and more.

above: the homepage of the newly launched website   

Here are the 5 athletes showcased on the site, photo stills and training videos.  

Lindsey Jacobellis, Women's Snowboard Cross:

Lindsey, 24, is one of the most successful women snowboarders in the world. At the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, she took home a silver in the Women's Snowboard Cross.

Julia Mancuso, Women's Alpine Ski:

At 25, Julia is the current women's Olympic giant slalom gold medal champion, and holds the record for the most consecutive podium finishes at U.S. championships.


Ryan St. Onge, Men's Freestyle Aerials:

Ryan, 26, is the Olympic gold medal favorite in the sport of Men's Freestyle Aerials. With 7 career World Cup wins, he closed out the 2009 season ranking #2 in the world. Look out for his quintuple-twisting triple-back somersault (that's 3 flips with 5 twists) he plans to unleash in Vancouver.


Angela Ruggiero, Women's Ice Hockey:

A three-time Olympic medalist, World Champion Angela is the leader of the U.S. Women's Hockey Team. She currently holds the record as "All-time Leader in Games Played for TEAM USA."

Alexi Salamone, Men's Paralympic Sled Hockey:

At only 22, he is one of the best sled hockey players in the world. An integral player in the bronze medal-winning team in the 2006 Paralympic Winter Games, he made the 2010 US Paralympic sled hockey team and is presently training in New York for a victory this year.

And, beginning November 4, you can customize a VISA gift card on the website to include a photo of one of the athletes:
The Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games take place on February 12th. TBWA Chiat Day VISA

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