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Say It With Jewelry. Heather Belle's Post-It Bracelets.

I ordinarily don't blog about gold-plated jewelry, since, personally, I'm a bit of a jewelry snob. However, these fun "Post-It" bracelets by Heather Belle Co. would make great stocking stuffers.

The collection consists of 6 different words (be nice, help, listen, smile, stop, and why?) embossed on a matte gold-plated hexagon which is strung on dyed leather. There's a cuff and multi charm bracelet as well.

The individual bracelets sell for $65.00 a piece but she also offers them as a trio or a complete set of the six for a discount.

And the cuff, also 14k gold-plated on leather, sells for $225.00:

And for $275.00 you can get the gold-plated Post-It Chic bracelet:

In Heather's own words:
Family, humor, provocative thoughts, classic style and human expression are just a few of the ingredients that I use to push myself to reach beyond the obvious. I admire anyone who can reframe current thinking and create something new.

Pablo Picasso is one of those people. He once said, “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.” This idea resonated with me and inspires me to see “art and truth” in different aspects of life, including fashion and accessories.

My love of design sparked the desire to create h.belle. I’m excited about the launch of this collection, titled “Post – it”. Why Post-it? Because I live a “post-it” life. It must be genetic because my brother has “call mom” tattooed on his hand. I’m actually scared of needles, but, like him, I’ve always needed daily reminders to keep me on track and get me through the day.

above collage by Heather Belle

Originally influenced by Ed Ruscha, I started painting my reminders a while back, such as the one I named Breathe (remembering to breathe, although obvious to most, is tricky for me). I can’t carry my paintings with me everyday. They’re far too heavy and not the most fashionable accessory strapped to my back and paper post-its aren’t much sexier. Well, maybe two of them used as a bikini top, but then they would get wet and it would quickly turn X-rated.

My childhood values add to the mix. Simply helping myself is not what ultimately does it for me. It’s that rare mix of impacting the world, changing someone’s day for the better, creating something beautiful and connecting to our humanness that motivates me. So, it’s with pride (and a little fear) that I present to you h.belle by Heather Belle.

I hope it inspires in you in ways I can’t imagine and makes you smile.

All the best, Heather Belle

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