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Creative Architectural Ironmongery By Philip Watts Design

If you're a design-centric real estate owner, you probably have gone out of your mind looking for the perfect hardware and fixture compliments to a modern home or office. I know that I searched high and low for a well made and cool-looking kickplate for my front door and had no luck. But that's because I didn't know about Philip Watts Design and their "creative architectural ironmongery". Now I do, and so will you.

Philip Watts Design is a creative design and building company located in Nottingham. Over the years they have established a range of products; stunning staircases, bathroom sinks and urinals, furniture and hardware for the home, all manufactured on the same site as the design studio.

If you happen to be outfitting or designing a new home, commercial, retail or office space, they have every kind of hardware detailing you need from stair nosing (also difficult to find cool ones) to long and short door handles and pulls to cool door signage. Various materials like heavy sand cast aluminum and brass are crafted into organic, geometric and whimsical designs ranging from elegant horn-like textures to gritty tactile patterns.

Their 'Door Furniture', as they call it, consists of a large line of beautiful hardware, available in various finishes and designs, inspired by animals, nature and even tire tread and bike handlebars. Portholes, lever handles, handles, push plates, kick plates, and more are available. Below are just some of my personal favorites, but they have a larger selection on their website which also has an online store.

Portholes (door windows with wired glass, etched glass and more):

Door Handles And Push Plates:

Kick plates (arrow, barcode, ruler and shoeprint):

Stair Nosing:

They also have stair edging and inlays.

Display shelving:

Sinks made of cast resin, polished brass and chrome plate:

The Spoon Urinal has a matching Spoon Pedestal Sink and both are made of cast resin:

The Pale Ale Urinal. Ever piss in a bucket? Well, now's your chance. The Pale Ale urinal is a bucket fixed on a plinth and fully plumbed. Available in all stainless steel, brass on a wood plinth or stainless on a resin plinth:

In addition to their vast array of hardware and few sinks and urinals, they do custom and commercial work and have created a few pieces of furniture, and amazing staircases for several clients. Here are some examples.

Caterpillar Bench:

Mercury Stool:

Staircases and Railings:

Philip Watts Design Team:

Contact Info:
Philip Watts Design
Unit 11: Byron Industrial Estate
Brookfield Road

Telephone +44 (0) 115 9269756
Fax +44 (0) 115 9205395

Be sure to visit the site, there's much more to see.

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