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Come Rain Or Shine, Here's Fun Design. Color Changing Umbrellas From Squid London

Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes of Squid London have designed a line of umbrellas made with a special white ink that turns colored when exposed to water. These umbrellas (or Squidellas) make a piece of art out of a utilitarian product that makes walking in the rain a sort of performance art.

They now have four different umbrellas; the iconic London Skyline one, one commissioned exclusively for the Tate, one whose proceeds benefitted a charity), and the final one for Suck UK.

Here's a video of them in action:

The Bird Squit, London Skyline, Squidarella (Paint Drips) and Clouds each retails for £25 ($42.00 USD) and all are sold at different places (but I have the links for you to buy each here in this post).

1. Color-Changing Bird Squit Umbrella:A portion of whose proceeds go to support ChildReach International, a UK charity aimed at fighting child poverty in developing countries

Bird Squit (dry):

Bird Squit (wet):

buy it here.

2. Color Changing London Skyline Umbrella:
London Skyline (dry):

London Skyline (wet):

buy it here

3. Color-Changing Paint Drip Umbrella:
made exclusively for the Tate museum

Paint Drip (dry):

Paint Drip (wet):

buy it here.

4. Color-Changing Clouds Umbrella:

buy it here.

Squid London

Hate the rain? Then this might be a better umbrella for you:
Art Lebedev's'Fuck The Rain' Umbrella

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