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Molly-Meg. Modern Design and Hip Furniture For Children.

Molly-Meg of the UK is a company that is dedicated to bringing the best of 20th century and present design into the world of children. They specialize in modern iconic and vintage furnishings in scaled down sizes, for the hippest of children and their design-loving parents.

above: amongst their offerings are child-sized Rietveld and Bertoia chairs.

The majority of the products are chairs, ranging from classic vintage Danish wood furnishings to mid-century molded fiberglass chairs. Scouring the globe for hard to locate items and furnishings ranging from the 1950s to the present, they also carry classic and vintage toys and various design objects and decor.

Here are some of their presently stocked items at the time this post was written:

Visit Molly-Meg, Design for Children to see more items and learn about their shipping policies.

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