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Ted Noten's Gives Us The Willies With His Limited Edition Bone China Dildo

above: Noten's bone china dildo with 24k gold plated valve costs approx $3,800.00

I have blogged about artist/designer/jeweler Ted Noten's unusual jewelry in the past, specifically his show, Haunted by 36 Women, at Galerie Rob Koudijs last year.

Amongst those who may not know his name, you may be familiar with his oft blogged about lucite purse sculptures (shown below) in which guns and other weapons are embedded.

Today I'm sharing with you the latest addition to his collection of 26 cast ceramic and china 'Willies' or Dildos, Pump it up! A bone china piece that looks like an inflatable penis, complete with gold-plated blow-up valve.

Pump it UP! is a limited edition, bone China dildo by artist and designer Ted Noten. With a 24 carat gold-plated valve, it represents either a highly intriguing and humorous object or an altogether more refined erotic accessory, and promises to be one of Noten's most collectible pieces yet.

Pump it up! images and info courtesy of 20ltd.

Created exclusively for 20ltd, it is limited to only 20 editions, costs $3,767.34 USD and can be purchased here

His "Messin Around With Willie" series includes these pieces as well:

The Bunny Guy dildo above is available for purchase here.

About Ted Noten:
(from 20ltd)
Dutch conceptual jeweller Ted Noten is one of the most exciting and unusual designers working today. Trained at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, he became widely known for jewellery and handbags that featured variously provocative objects such as a whiff of cocaine, cherished rings, a little dead mouse wearing a tiny pearl necklace and some genuine pistols that were sealed inside blocks of acrylate. His work is never far from controversy. Sawing up a number of Mercedes cars into brooches, for instance, didn’t go down well with Mercedes. Nor did his work of art ‘The Pistol Saints’, that was exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. It was destroyed by order of the police, because it was alleged to be an illegal weapon.

During his time as artist-in-residence at the European Ceramic Work Centre in 2007, Ted investigated many new ceramic glazing techniques. Loath to incorporate this research into anything as mundane as a teapot or coffee cup and inspired by a trip to Japan, he resolved to employ it in a more memorable work of art, namely a typically-Noten series of dildos entitled Messin’ around with Willie.

Ted Noten

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