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Brangelina's "Protector Collection" For Asprey To Benefit Charity.

Photo of brad and angelina: © Rex; photo of snake cuff, Asprey, composite by if It's Hip, It's Here

The 'Protector Collection' is a series of fine jewelry for both children and adults as well as sterling silver baby gifts, all incorporating a snake motif.

According to Asprey, during Jolie's first pregnancy with Shiloh in 2006, she was given a snake ring, intended to guard her and her unborn child. The symbol has become a family guardian to the Jolie-Pitts, and in the Protector Collection, it appears in everything from fine jeweled bracelets to rings, earrings and pendants available for both children and adults.

The collection, all of which is shown here, has been meticulously created with Asprey by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to benefit a charity close to their hearts. The limited collection of fine jewels and silver objects was inspired by Angelina's reflection on the snake as an iconic guardian, a cultural symbol of family protection. All net proceeds will be donated to the Education Partnership For Children of Conflict (EPCC).

The child's Protector bangle bracelets come in yellow, white or 18k rose gold and feature two snakes with emerald cabochon eyes. Available with either two emerald cabochon eyes totalling .06 carats only or the more ornate style set with 0.76ctw of diamonds and 0.22 ctw of emeralds.

above: Child's bangle bracelet in 18k yellow gold with diamonds totaling 0.76 carats and emerlads totalling .022 carats

above: Child's protector bangle in yellow or rose 18k gold an set with 2 emerald cabochon eyes, each .03 carats.

The Child/adult gem sprinkled pendants and rings feature 104 fully faceted cut stones as small as one millimeter each, set in white, yellow or rose 18k gold.

Two adult-sized fine diamond and emerald gem encrusted snake bangle bracelets are set in platinum. The single curled snake opens with a hinge clasp, the two entwined snakes bangle is solid but flexible.

The Child/ Adult earrings are set with 154 individual stones and use the snake's tail as both a design element and the fitting that secures the earring:

The rings are flush set with emerald cabochon eyes and black or white diamonds portray the 'scales':

In addition to gem encrusted versions of the rings, pendants and earrings, styles are available with just emerald eyes and in 18k yellow, rose or white gold:

The Protector Collection also includes a sterling silver baby spoon, egg cup, birth certificate holder and tooth box, all with the snake motif. According to some reports, a silver snake photo frame is also part of the collection, but it's not yet on the Asprey site.

Sterling silver baby spoon:

Sterling silver egg cup:

Sterling silver birth certificate holder:

This is not the first time Brad has taken a whack at being a jewelry designer. You may recall that years ago, when he was married to Jennifer Aniston, he designed their supposedly 'one of a kind' wedding bands with Damiani who then continued to sell the band style, were threatened with a $50 million dollar lawsuit by Pitt and Aniston, and settled by selling a line designed by Brad that including an inscription explaining that they were designed with Brad Pitt:

The individual pieces in The Protector Collection are limited editions and handcrafted at the Asprey London flagship store, 167 New Bond Street. Each silver piece carries the 5 quality hallmarks applied by the London Assay Office. The pieces were be available beginning 17th November 2009.

Brangelina has been very generous to the EPCC. which Angelina co-founded in 2006. In June of 2008, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict announced that the Jolie-Pitt Foundation made a $1 million contribution to support the education of 8,000 young people from both the United States and Iraq impacted by the recent conflict. The donation supported four organizations who work to help provide education and support to both children who have lost parents, homes, and schooling opportunities in Iraq as well as young people in the United States who are coping with the long deployment, injury, or even the death of a parent serving in the United States Armed Services.

all images and info courtesy of Asprey , the National Jeweler's Network and WWD


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