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If I Were A Superhero, Here's How I'd Roll: The Tramontana R-edition

Talk about a car Batman would drive!! Spain's just released Tramontana R-edition doesn't even look like a real vehicle, but it is.

Not only does it have the design and aesthetics of a vehicle not of this earth (lots of carbon fiber), but it combines aeronautical technology with a Formula 1 Race car. It has a top speed of 720 Hp and goes from 0-60 mph (100Km/h) in 3.6 seconds! In a limited edition of 12 and costing a cool half million dollars, I've got tons of photos for you here.

a.d. Tramontana is an European Company located on the Costa Brava (Spain) which manufactures an exclusive tailor-made supercar called Tramontana. It is a combination of a Formula 1 racing car and a fighter jet powered by a V12 engine which produces a maximum of 720 hp.

Photos of the Tramontana R-edition:

The whole car is made by using the finest materials and in order to achieve an extremely light and stiff car the chassis and the bodywork are completely made of carbon fibre.

Exterior (still):

Exterior (motion):

Exterior (details):


For the Gear Heads:

Technical Data:
12 cylinder V 60º Biturbo
5.513 cm3 displacement
Cylinder diameter 82 mm
Compression 9:1
Turbo pressure 1.4 bar

Max. Power Selector:
550 Hp – 404 kW at 5.000 rpm
720 Hp – 529 kW at 5.250 rpm

Max. Torque:
890 Nm at 3.500 rpm
1100 Nm at 4.000 rpm

Longitudinal mid engine
Rear wheel drive
Traction control (4 positions)

Gear box:
6 speeds sequential

Carbon ceramic discs, ABS
Front 380x34 mm 6 piston callipers
Rear 380x34 mm 6 piston callipers

20” Carbon fiber rims & Magnesium core

Tires (tyres):
Front 245/40 R20” (Y)
Rear 335/30 R20” (Y)

4 wheel independent suspension
Double wishbone with push-rod
Variable ride height, 85 / 135 mm

Carbon fiber Monocoque (cockpit)
Carbon fiber bodywork

Length: 4.900 mm – Width: 2.080 mm – Height: 1.300 mm
Dry weight 1.268 kg.
Fuel capacity 100 ltrs.

Max. Speed: 325 Km/h. (limited)
Acceleration: 0-100 Km/h.: 3,6 sec.
Weight to power ratio: 1,76 Kg/Hp

Wanna see it in person?

It debuts at Top Marques Monaco in April.

all photos and info Copyright 2008 © a.d. TRAMONTANA.
Carretera de Garrigàs a Sant Miquel s/n - 17476 Palau de Santa Eulàlia (Girona - Spain)
Telf.: (+34) 972 568 164 - Fax.: (+34) 972 568 320

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