A Revealing Project: Naked People By Photographer Sebastian Kempa (NSFW)

Photographer Sebastian Kempa, 31, has an interesting photographic project called Naked People. As the name suggests, the site and shots in this post, although NSFW for many people, are in no way pornographic, but instead a simple study of ever day individuals, first as they appear in their normal clothing and then, in the same pose, only without clothing.

Naked People By Sebastian Kempa

The site is a simple flash program that features 20 men and women, who, when clicked upon, their outfits disappear to reveal the human body beneath. Because the post includes nudity, and therefore is in violation of Google's Adsense policies, it has been moved to our tumblr page here where it can be viewed in full.

Clothing is our second skin. It disguises, reveals- it can reflect our innermost being or conceal it. Through one’s clothing, he or she is able to exhibit his or her profession, social status, or mood. A suit lets us assume the bearer is a banker, office worker, insurance agent… In our society this is a distinguishing characteristic of respectability. But, how often is such an assumption true? Can we absolutely trust this covering? What really is underneath? Could the illusion be destroyed at the discovery of a tattoo, or leave the person as inscrutable as before? Here we have the opportunity to see the differences in perception between a person dressed and undressed. - Sebastian Kempa
Their name, age, profession and hobbies are listed with each image as well, adding insight and personality to each individual.

Visit the Naked People site here.

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Sebastian Kempa
Dipl. Designer (FH)
Mail: office@sebastiankempa.com
Mobil: +49 151 21267081


Anonymous said...

Thank you! U should have an "ABOUT" link on your blog as well... ;)

Laura Sweet said...

Of course, my apologies again for not crediting you initially!
And as far as the About me link...I'm creating a press and media kit right now!
Here on blogger, you can visit my profile.
By the way, send me your direct email so I can write you!

Anonymous said...

I loved this! A similar project was the book, XXX 30 Porn Star Portraits, by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders published in 2004. The book was interesting not only for the side by side clothed and nude images, but also for the insights into the lives of the subjects as well as essays by a number of well known persons such as John Malkovich, Lou Reed and Salman Rushdie as well as a forward by Gore Vidal.

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