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Borsalino Helmets And Hats: The Most Stylish Way To Protect your Noggin

above: the Black-Gold helmet by Borsalino

Although all of Borsalino's products deserve a looksee, it's their crash helmets for motorcycles, snowmobiles, and more, that first caught my attention. The luxurious materials and elegant design are almost enough to make me take up Polo. Almost. Take a look:



Tweed Summer:

Tweed Black:

Panama Orange:

Panama Ecru:

Panama Tobacco:

Lapin White:

Lapin Brown:



Some Borsalino Background And Other Hats:

Two Italian brothers, Lazzaro and Guissepe Borsalino began their hat manufacturing company in Alessandria, Italy in 1857. Since that time, Borsalino has a deep, rich history of respected hat making that stayed in the family for generations until the last Borsalino heir left the company in 1979 at which time Vittorio Vaccarino became president.

Originally best known for their fedoras and hats made of felt and straw, they now make all types of hats and more.

They have continued to grow and now, in addition to stylish men's and women's hats, they make clothes, ties, watches, bicycles and helmets of all types. You can find Borsalino products in stylish department stores like Barney's, Neiman's and Harrod's amongst others. They have 15 points of sale in Italy, one in Paris and one in Shanghai.

Some of their women's hats:

Some of their men's hats:

Their hat museum in Italy:

above: MUSEO DEL CAPPELLO (museum of the hat)
Via Camillo Cavour n°84
15100, Alessandria

Zona Industriale D5
15047 Spinetta Marengo (AL)
Tel +39.0131.214211 Fax 39.0131.619052

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