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The Recuenco Casanova 2009 Calendar For The Fashion Show

Incredibly talented (and in my personal opinion, virtually incomparable) photographer Eugenio Recuenco and Jose Casanova of the Casanova Agency have joined forces to bring us an amazing photographic calendar called the Fashion Show Calendar for the Los Rozas Village (an outlet shopping mall in Spain) and the theme is To Kill You Is To Kill Me.

The calendar is formally being presented march 24th at the Los Rozas Village, northwest of Madrid. Only 50 of the calendars are available for sale and the proceeds go to Amnesty International.

I've got images of the entire calendar as well as some wonderful 'behind the scenes' shots for you here.



May/ June




the Staff:

Now for the 'Making Of' images (including shots that don't seem to have made it into the calendar):

If you are interested in purchasing one - assuming there are any left-- call 96 667 5445

Las Rozas Village
Eugene Recuenco's website
Casanova Agency

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