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Can Sayinli & Jorgen Evil Ekvoll Weave Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll Into Silk Rugs

above: detail from the silk hand knotted Rock n' Roll rug

Central St. Martins College of Art and Design graduates Can Sayinli (graphic design) and Jorgen Evil Ekvoll (fine art) are a talented and edgy design duo. Amongst their irreverent, unusual, somewhat anarchistic and definitely provocative work are two collections of textile art. In these particular cases, silk hand knotted rug designs.

Turkish-born Sayinli asked his dad to hook them up with traditional rug-making families from villages near Istanbul. Everyone works from the same computer-generated patterns, yet each rug differs hugely in appearance. “The way the knots are tied varies from village to village, making each rug unique,” says Sayinli – something that appeals to his hippie sensibility and brings us back into the realm of handicraft.

The rugs as shown in exhibition:

I'm sharing two collections by these young artists with you today, both are silk and hand knotted. The rugs are really art pieces as opposed to mass produced products and can only be purchased through galleries such as Galerist in Turkey.

Traditional weavers from villages near Istanbul hand make the rugs based on computer generated patterns:

The finished project: Jørgen Can 1 (Hereke)

Silk Rugs (The Sex, Rock n Roll, Drugs and War Rugs):


detail of Sex:


detail of drugs:

Rock n' Roll:

detail of Rock n Roll:

weaving the Rock n' Roll rug:


detail of War:

weaving the War rug:

The Carpet Project:

Jørgen Can 1 (Kayseri):

Free Paris Hilton:

The last days of Maradona:

Breaking Bill Gates:

The Portrait of pope Benedict XVI:

Putin's input:

The sun went down on Queen Elizabeth II:

Saddam forever:

Snoop Dog, another wild American puppy:

A quick visit to Takashi land:

A Zizek composition:

Jørgen Evil Ekvoll- b. 03 April 1981, Oslo
Can Sayinli - b. 12 April 1981, Istanbul
Saylini Evkoll website.

TR-34340 Istanbul | Istiklal Cad. Misir Apt 311/4
Phone +90/212 - 244 82 30

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