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Purisme: Light Luxury Products With A Heavy Price Tag

PURISME CARBON LUXURIES is the first global brand for design products made of carbon fiber and aims strictly at the premium market. PURISME GmbH in Vienna, Austria was founded by three designers and one business economist and has joined a strategic partnership with a leading carbon-processing company.

Their products are luxury design products, made of highly iridescent carbon. Light as a feather, yet stronger than steel. At the moment, they have four products. An award winning letter opener and a limited edition smoking pipe-- both available for purchase, with a super hefty price tag. Soon to be launched is a YoYo and a Bracelet-- undoubtedly pricey as well.

The Purisme letter opener:

The PURISME letter opener made a spectacular debut in the world of luxury design: Immediately after its first introduction, the PURISME Letter Opener, was awarded the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award and earned a similarly prestigious place as an exhibit at the 21st Biennial of Industrial Design 2008 at Lubljana, chosen by an international jury from 421 entries.

price: $447.00 USD

The Purisme pipe is a limited edition:

A delicate combination of choice straight grain bruyere wood with hitech carbon material gives the PURISME Pipe an irresistible aura, and delicately curved lines. PURISME has translated an age-old shape into hypermodern powerful dynamics, bringing ergonomics to ultimate perfection along the way. One amazing design detail is the unique "UpsideDown" pipehead: On it, the PURISME Pipe stands upright in perfect, safe balance wherever you set it down.

Price: $2,415.00 USD

The YOYO and bracelet have yet to launch, but will be available for purchase soon:

PURISME combines traditional craftsmanship with latest serial production technology. Each single product undergoes meticulous controls during production and an additional final inspection by the designer who signs his approval on the quality certificate without which no PURISME product can go on sale.

Neustiftgasse 6-8
1070 Wien
T: +43 1 522 3497 10
F: +43 1 522 3497 11

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