Fitness Gets Funky: Beautifully Designed Dumbbells

You can finally throw away those gross velcro ankle and wrist weights, those toe breaking heavy steel dumbbells that sit on your floor, or god forbid, the ones whose spongey coating is peeling off, in favor of any of these. These hand weights or dumbbells look so great, that even when not in use, they can be left out as sculpture or a conversation piece.

Philippe Starck's ergonomically designed Dumbbells come in silver aluminum with metal inserts or in an anodised gold finish . The gold set weighs 2 kilos, the silver set weighs 3. Both are fabulous and come in a nice XO starck designed case.

Buy them here.

Another great looking set of dumbbells are the stainless steel magnetic dumbells designed by Henriette Melchiorsen. Each way a kilo and are as stunning as a sculpture.

buy them here.

Another pair of sculptural dumbbells are the Vita stainless steel hand weights

buy them here.

This set of polished “Zimbabwe” granite dumbbells on solid oak stand by Big-Game was made in a limited edition specifically for No. of editions 15. Price: £2,700.00

buy them here.

The design firm, Greece Is For Lovers, makes these fun all brass dumbbells called Build your Myth in the shape of Greek columns. They come in weights of 1.5 and 3 kgr.

buy them here.

Even Chanel makes a pair of hand weights, available in pink or yellow, they are made of neoprene and cost $760.00 bucks a pair.

Inquire about them here.

Spotted on Yanko Design are these Orrefors crystal dumbbells designed by Alex Undall. Unfortunately, as far as I know, these are a concept and not available for purchase:

The Wellness Rack is an innovative, yet stylish, weight rack for strength training. Contains eight 2kg discs, eight half kg discs and two high-tech handles with a unique locking mechanism, all contained within a clear acrylic container. Maximum load per handle is 12kg.

buy it here.

Don't want to work out with weights? Dumbbells and free weights aren't the only workout gear to get a modern makeover. Jumping ropes or skipping ropes are fast becoming fashionable as well.

Two beautiful examples are the Seletti leather skipping rope with gold handles and the Philippi Vita skipping rope with nickel plated handles:

buy The Seletti skipping rope here.
buy The Philippa skipping rope here.

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FashionKitty said...

Those are awesome! Wish my gym had sexy weights like these.

Bird* said...

sexy. i'm almost inspired to purchase a pair and workout.

Easton said...
check out this dumbbell too~

Laura Sweet said...

that Mike Mak dumbell/bank is a beauty. Thanks or pointing it out. Only it's not a legitimate piece of fitness equipment so it doesn't have a place in this post, but I'll find a place for it somewhere, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

oh i thought those were something else...

Anonymous said...

This is about the gayest thing I've ever seen... but I guess stupid people that have no idea why they're lifting weights in the first place might buy them.

Anonymous said...

Like the 1st anonimous said, I thought they were something else too.. haha But I found the design really cool! The Chanel ones look even shitty comparing to the others!

M., from pertedetemps.

Anonymous said...

They are in perfect fitness chic style

Pink Laptops said...

Wow really nice dumbbells there. Who says working out can't be an art form? You can train with greek columns and look like a god!

darmap28 said...

Oh how cute now shallow people can lift weights as well. Are you kidding me with these I'm a fitness trainer and I've seen some crazy contraptions but these are by far the most useless things. I'm just curious how the sculpture ones have there weight distributed. What's even worse is the price. After a month with 5 and 10 lb weights they should end up on the closet floor and you will move o to heavier weight so these would be a waist of money. Great book ends though.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.