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Dogs As Seen By A Dutchman: Maarten Wetsema's Fab Photos

It was quite by accident that I came upon photographer Maarten Wetsema's site and I'm quite happy I did. As a huge dog lover and a furniture and photography fan, his work struck me on many levels.

With four collections of photographs; Daan and Jacob, Dogs in their Domestic Environments, Portraits of Dog and Dogshoots, he captures the canine at their goofiest, yet manages to maintain the dog's dignity and beauty.

Below are a few of my favorites from all the aforementioned collections.

Above: Maarten at work and below, the final shot

About the photographer:
Maarten Wetsema studied at the Art Academy of Arnhem. In 2004 he exhibited at Comme des Garçons in Tokyo. In 2005 he took part in Photo London and the KunstRai in Amsterdam, in 2006 his work was exhibited in both France and Miami, USA. In 2007, his work was shown at the Gallery Van Kranendonk in Miami, Paris and the Netherlands. His work is part of numerous national and international collections of private parties, companies and museums.

Maarten Wetsema's site.

He is represented by:
Gallery Van Kranendonk
Westeinde 29
2512 GS Den Haag NL
T. 0031 703 650 406

Contact info:
Maarten Wetsema
Rappardstraat 16
6822 CX Arnhem
The Netherlands
T. 0031 264 420 847

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