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Sexin' Up That Stogie With Custom Bejeweled Cigar Bands & Gold Ashtrays

Okay, so smoking cigars and spending money on bejeweled accessories for them are both pretty gauche, but that's what made these products so fascinating to me. Ysenberg specializes in the design and production of high value accessories in the world of cigars. Their point, in their words, is to realize and arrange the individual wishes of the customer.

That said, they have two lines of products; Ysenbands (actual custom personalized gold or gold plated sterling silver and gemstone cigar bands with leather accents) and Ysentrays (cigar ash trays made with gold, gold leaf, gold accents and crystal or dichroic glass).


Some Ysenband customers include the King of Benin and Chief of the Ritz in Paris:

YSENTRAYS- crystal and gold leaf ashtrays

Ysenberg items come with a certificate with registered individual numbers on all their products. Their products can be found at high end cigar and smoke shops all over Europe. Go here to find distributors.

Johanna Fritsche
Tschapina 10
6707 B├╝rserberg
T: +43 (0)664 912 79 39
F: +43 (0)5552 62648 19

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