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'Dumb Ways To Die' Characters Stay Alive As Plushies.

A marketing move to keep the momentum going for the award winning animated campaign, website and app for Australia's Metro Trains, has spawned a line of plush toys based on the cute characters in the twisted and lovable Dumb Ways To Die.

The public safety campaign, which went viral thanks to a catchy song for its PSA ads, online game and addictive mobile app, took home top honors at Cannes Lions and continues to collect accolades.

Metro is working with McCann Melbourne (the agency who created the characters and initial concept) on developing more content and seeking developers for the next version of its mobile game. "Obviously, if you go down the licensing road, you'll need more content to support it," said Ms. Waymark, Metro's General Manager of Corporate Relations. "We just see this as a way of keeping DWTD alive."

Licensed by California-based company Evolution Management Group and will manufactured by the Commonwealth Toy and Novelty, the plush versions of the characters range in both size (from pocket sized to over 30") and price (from $5.99 - $99).

© Metro Trains Melbourne, Dumb Ways to Die™

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