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12 Months Of Illustrated Aliens And Their Animated Planets - A Project by Andy Martin

Begun in January of 2013, illustrator, animator and music maker Andy Martin (Handymartian) has just completed his wonderful year long project - "The Illustrated Aliens."

Each day for a month Martin created an alien and, at the end of each month, he revealed the planet upon which they live via an animated short. He did this for an entire year, culminating in 12 different alien species, 12 animated videos and 4 posters.

Having revealed the final Planet Twelve animation on the 15th of January 2014, the galactic adventure has concluded and I want to share all twelve months of his wonderful work with you.

The Aliens

Planet One Aliens:

Planet Two Aliens:

Planet Three Aliens:

Planet Four Aliens:

Planet Five Aliens:

Planet Six Aliens:

Planet Seven Aliens:

Planet Eight Aliens:

Planet Nine Aliens:

Planet Ten Aliens:

Planet Eleven Aliens:

Planet Twelve Aliens:

The 12 Planet Animated Videos

I had intended to embed all 12 animated videos here but it was taking too long to load and crashing. Instead, please view his planet videos here in Vimeo.

The Posters:
The first of his four posters features all the Illustrated Aliens from the year long project starting with Planet One's characters at the bottom and moving up to Planet Twelve's characters at the top:

The second of four posters has all the planets from this year long project in a 3x4 grid:

The third of four posters has all the characters from this year long project mixed together:

The fourth of the four posters shows the universe created by the planets in this year long project:

You can purchase prints of these posters here at Society 6

Andy will be updating his Tumblr with any further news about the Illustrated Aliens and The Planets as he hopes to send them to animation festivals this year. Best of luck to you, Andy!

All illustrations by Andy Martin.
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