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Mousketeers For A Modern Age: MadMaus Tees, Prints and Pillows by Christopher Lee Sauvé.

 I am loving this new collection of t-shirts, art prints and pillows by Christopher Lee Sauvé. The black and white graphic illustrations depict fashion, music, celebrities and other pop culture icons donning Disney "Mouse Ears."

His designs, which often poke fun at Vogue editor Anna Wintour, honoring late culture icon Princess Diana and showing love for Klaus Nomi have taken on a new vision in his recently released Mad Maus: ‘a marriage between infamous Mickey ears and iconic figures, two strong graphic visuals and traits making the ultimate icon’. The illustrations are created to replicate the look of a logo, simple, graphic yet recognizable, playful as POP should be.

Some of my personal favorites:

above clockwise from upper left: Kurt Maus (Kurt Cobain), Snoop Maus, Madonna Maus and Prince Maus.

above clockwise from upper left: Mickey Maus, Mad Maus, Dali Mouse (Salvador Dali) and Andy Maus (Andy Warhol)

above clockwise from upper left: Soo Maus (Soo Lucas aka Soo Catwoman), Deitrich Maus (Marlene Deitrich), Ziggy Maus (David Bowie's alter ego, Ziggy Stardust) and Marilyn Maus (Marilyn Monroe)

above clockwise from upper left: Edith Maus (Edith Head), Apfel Maus (Iris Apfel), Bowery Maus (Leigh Bowery) and Lil' Edie Maus (Edie Bouvier from Grey Gardens)

The Artwork:
The 36 different logos available:

The Tee Shirts:

100% Cotton Jersey
white on black or black on white
Unisex Regular Fit
Silk Screened In Brooklyn
$95 for the all over print, $65 for each individual icon
buy them here

The Throw Pillows:

100% Cotton
Made In Brooklyn
$70, buy them here

The Art Prints:

Christopher Lee Sauve transformed the Hotel Particulier gallery into a portrait gallery of 20 iconic figures, including among them, Grace Jones, Andre Leon Talley, Grace Coddington or Lynne Yaeger to name a few. Each icon will be available in a signed poster edition of 30.

4 Grand Street NYC
12 x 18", digital print 
b/w,1 side
100lb. gloss text, Edition of 30, 
Numbered and signed
Purchase the prints here

See Christopher Lee Sauvé's other work here

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