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A Bouquet Of Birds. Artist Hong Yi Uses Flowers Petals To Construct Birds.

above: Owl made of white, orange and maroon chrysanthemums with trumpet flowers for the eyes and a dried leaf for beak

Malaysian artist and architect Hong Yi (aka Red) whose wonderful portrait made of socks and coffee stain portrait for Nespresso I have already shared with you, has this sweet series of birds made from flower petals, herbs, dried leaves and twigs.

Hong Yi realised that flower petals - especially gerbera petals - look similar to feathers especially when they are arranged on top of one another, layer by layer. This is how she was inspired to start this particular series.

Northern cardinal made of red gerberas and deep purple chrysanthemums with dill:

Dodo bird made from white, pink and orange chrysanthemum flowers:

Flamingos made from pink gerberas and twigs:

Flamingo x2:

Kingfisher made of gerberas, butterfly peas and purple shamrocks:

Peacock made from butterfly pea flowers, bottlebrush leaves, coconut leaf sticks, alamandas / trumpet flowers:

Hornbill made of chrysanthemums, germeras and purple shamrocks:

Eagle made of white, maroon and yellow chrysanthemums:

Rooster made from gerberas and leaves:

Parrot made from butterfly peas and gerberas:

all images courtesy of the artist

Hong "Red" Yi

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