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Little Flags Of Awesome - Designers Go Retro for The People's Pennant.

Elevating the classic pennant from sports memorabilia to a celebration of the everyday - that's the concept behind The People's Pennant.

Launched in March of 2012, the Pennant People (Jessica, Tim and Eric of Greenpoint, Brookyln) enlist various graphic designers, typographers and illustrators to create a different wool felt blend pennant that is then sewn and printed by hand. Made in a limited quantity of 250 each, the pennants measure 12" x 30".  And at only $25 a piece, they are fun decor for everything from dorm rooms to offices.

As of now, they have 8 beautiful pennants available for purchase, all shown below.

Coffee Break! by Ken Barber, type director at House Industries.:

Happy Hour by Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk of Eight Hour Day:

Blast Off! by Invisible Creature:

Look Closer by Tyler and Elsa Lang of Always With Honor:

Read Much by Heads of State:

Rise & Shine by Richard Perez:

Pizza Time by Mikey Burton:

and their newest, Ride by Brent Couchman:

Here's a video that gives you a short tour of how the pennants are made:

Sewn and printed by hand, the 70/30 wool felt blend pennants cost $25 each
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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.