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Modern Caskets For Your Body And Soul. The 2014 Equinox Collection from Camaquen.

I'm not a morbid person, despite having written about modern casket options before. No one really likes to talk about preparing for death, yet it's a realistic inevitability. That said, casket shopping is not unlike any other furniture purchase. You want one that is comfortable, reflects your design and philosophical sensibilities and is well-made without having to, well... sell your soul.

Camaquen, a company in Ecuador, has more than 25 years of experience in the design and fabrication of wood caskets. This year French-Ecuadorian designer Enzo Cucalón (shown above) decided to expand the frontiers of Camaquen and restructured the company’s vision, evolving the traditional existing line of caskets into a more modern and original one that combines modernism, minimalism and ethnic art.

Mixing together the spirituality of Incan ancestors, the force of the moon, the brightness of the sun, the power of the earth and the magnetism of the middle of the world, Enzo has designed 3 unusual caskets: the QUILLA, the INTI and PACHA.




The Equinox caskets are beautiful and unusual white caskets, with bright colors on the interior and exterior, and made ​​with fabrics of the world-famous Otavalo Indians.

"The place where we will going to rest for the eternity has to be comfortable, energetic, sentimental, pleasant and full of camaquen."- Enzo Cucalón

Camaquen is located in Quito-Ecuador, magical territory known for being the Middle of the World; where the cosmo-energy becomes an important element for the essence of these caskets and where the Incan ancestors left their most deeply teachings, telling us that everything existing on the face of the earth and beyond, has a special and vital force called camaquen.

images courtesy of Enzo and Camaquen

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