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Stack and Scare by Invisible Creatures. From Product to Packaging, Blocks Don't Get Much Cooler Than These.

Over a year in the making, Stack And Scare™ is a new series of 4 stackable wooden monster block sets designed by Invisible Creature and produced by the coolest toy blocks store ever, Uncle Goose.

Each of the four sets contains 14-18 pieces in various shapes and sizes. Featuring eyeballs, teeth, horns, arms, rounded shapes for shoulders and eyes, monster heads, hands, feet, legs, torsos, patterns and more. Mix and match shapes or combine with other Stack And Scare™ sets to unleash endless (and taller) creature combinations!

The Products:

How They Are Made:

The Packaging:

Beautifully and meticulously crafted by the folks at Uncle Goose in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the blocks are made from FSC certified basswood, using non-toxic inks.

The Commercial:
The folks over at Invisible Creature thought it would be fitting to create a short “IC Filmmercial” featuring their wooden critters in action, so they enlisted their friends in Portland, Beautiful Eulogy, to create a score using the blocks themselves and the result is pretty fantastic:

You can purchase Stack And Scare™ directly from the designers , from Uncle Goose or independent toy stores everywhere.

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