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Four Fun and Funky Mirrors by Designer Paola Navone for Casamilano.

Designer Paola Navone's Mirrors for Casamilano are decorative and still functional. Adding light and reflection to an interior space with some whimsy and style.

Silverball: Re-Purposed Vintage Pinball Machines As Furniture And Home Decor

Furniture maker Michael Maxwell of Virginia is the man behind Silverball, a company which re-purposes vintage pinball machines as coffee tables, side tables, bars, consoles, wall mirrors and more. Using the back glasses and playing fields from old pinball machines, and combining them with his woodworking and crafting skills, he creates one of a kind collectibles.

Inspired By Diamonds. The Stellar Mirror By Jake Phipps.

Thanks to Core 77, I've been introduced to this eye-catching faceted mirror, the Stellar mirror, by designer Jake Phipps. (note: on the Core 77 blog they called it the Spectrum Mirror, but on his own site, Jake has deemed it the Stellar Mirror).

The wreath like wall mirror takes inspiration from the physical attributes of cut diamonds*. The mirror’s reflective qualities, whilst crisp and pure at its center, radiate out with a ring of 750 individually sized and angled mirrored sections, breaking down the light and the surrounding environment, delivering it to the eye as one sparkling entity.

This optical dispersion means that as the ambiance of the mirror’s environment changes throughout the day, so too does its color and luster, creating an ever changing focal point to a room.

Dimensions: 110cm diameter x 9 cm depth
Weight: 40kg
Limited Edition of 25

The mirror is available to buy directly from the studio.

*In diamonds, cut is the primary determinant of value followed by clarity and colour. Diamonds are meant to sparkle, to break down light into its constituent rainbow colours (dispersion) chop it up into bright little pieces (scintillation) and deliver it to the eye (brilliance). In its rough crystalline form, a diamond will do none of these things, it requires proper fashioning and this is called "cut".

Iris Design Studio's Bright Idea: Light Bulbs Become Functional Art

Above: Perito Moreno Vanity Circle PM013

Iris Design Studio takes light bulbs...bare ordinary looking light bulbs and by cutting them, combining them, suspending them and more, creates functional art.

For her Perito Series, she cuts them in half and artfully applies them to mirrored surfaces of different sizes, shapes and colors. Below are their models.

Perito Moreno Flower (l.) and Clock (r.):

Perito Moreno Large (l.) and Medium (r.):

Perito Moreno Small(l.) and Parallel(r.):

Perito Moreno Single and Dual:

Perito Moreno Diagonal(l.) and Opposites (r.):

Perito Moreno Heart (long or short):

Perito Moreno Arabesque:

She also has more complex designs like the Olinda Blue:

And the Mital Del Mundo Partition:

And a whole series of La Paz Bulb table, floor and pendant lamps:

Who is behind Iris designs?

Above: Iris Kadouri
She began her design studies at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London and after graduating, based herself in New York. While working on various consulting projects, Iris began designing lighting and furniture. In 2004 she moved to Israel and founded Iris Design Studio, a design collaborative and product design company.

The website.

contact info:
Main Office:
Iris Design Studio Ltd
6 Hamelacha St.
N I Zone, Lod 71520

Tel: +972-8-9250212
Fax: +972-8-9252207

In North America:
Iris Design Studio Ltd
Toll Free 1-866-245-3312 (E.T.)
Fax: 1-866-308-0915

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