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For The Love of Movies and Dogs: Wrigley At The Movies 2.0

above: Wrigley and his owner recreate a scene from John Hughes' Sixteen Candles

I came upon this adorable set of images where redditor mmsspp posted pics of their boss, Chris Naka, with his dog Wrigley recreating famous movie scenes compared to the original movie stills.

above left: as originally posted and above right: an example of my alteration

The 13 images were adorable BUT... and I hope they are not offended... I couldn't stand the way they were laid out nor how poorly the colors and looks matched in some, so I took it upon myself to put them side by side or above and directly below and adjusted the colors a bit so they really look similar.

Here are the improved images of "Wrigley at the Movies":

Dirty Dancing:

Top Gun:

Brokeback Mountain:


Sixteen Candles:

The Graduate:

Hunger Games:

The Notebook:



Ryan Gosling:

Say Anything:

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