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Private Co-Branding. Karl Lagerfeld's Strippable Model For Eres Swimwear & Lingerie.

The fashion House of Chanel and sister brand Eres swimwear and lingerie have created a fun interactive campaign, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, that features model Emily Didonato in a pop up window.

Move your cursor over the cutely dressed model and it reveals the Eres lingerie and swimwear underneath.

Here are some screen grabs of the 'before' and 'after':

And some screen grabs of the interactive process.


after you begin clicking upon the visual:





from CHANEL news:

“CHANEL est une maison-mère avec plusieurs enfants qui ne portent pas son nom. La maison ERES en fait partie. CHANEL fait des maillots de bain et de la lingerie occasionnellement dans le cadre particulier d’une collection. ERES en revanche ne fait que ça, sans prendre ombrage de l’image forte de CHANEL. Mettre de la lingerie ERES sous une robe CHANEL est une démarche “mode” naturelle, moderne et spontanée. Normalement le co-branding se fait entre étrangers – ici il se fait en famille : PRIVATE CO-BRANDING.”

The new and improved translation below was provided by reader, Karina (Thanks Karina!):

“CHANEL is a company which owns multiple smaller companies which do not carry its name. The brand of ERES is one of them. CHANEL only occasionally makes swimwear and lingerie in the specific context of a collection. ERES, on the other hand, does nothing but making this, without taking umbrage at the strong reputation of CHANEL. Wearing an ERES lingerie underneath a CHANEL dress is a natural, modern and spontaneous approach of fashion. Normally, co-branding is between strangers – here it is within the family: PRIVATE CO-BRANDING.”

Start stripping Emily here.

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