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Growing Rings & Necklaces by HAF, Now Available

Talk about your green thumb. Or rather, finger. Hafsteinn Juliusson is an Industrial/Interior designer from Reykjavik, Iceland living and working in Milano, Italy who has come up with the idea of combining living organisms with sterling silver jewelry.

Growing Jewelry from HAF, designed by Hafsteinn Juliusson
Growing Rings and necklaces are a mix of jewelry and plant, couture and organism. The rings and pendants hold actual living greenery and are now available in limited production. This collection is a handmade product made in Iceland and all pieces are made out of molded silver.

The images you see below are available. Other sizes are available by special request.

The Rings:

The Necklaces:

Rings like the one shown above are available by special request only.
above photos by Harpa Hödd, Saga Sigurðardóttir and Sóley Þórisdóttir

It is important to take care of the Growing Jewelry. For best results water it only once every 5 weeks and be careful not to water too much. It’s also good to store the ring in deep freeze to preserve it. The moss can stay green for up to 8 - 12 months but Hafsteinn Juliusson takes no responsibility for that :)

The rings and necklaces can be purchased directly from the designer here.
Or from Gnr8.

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