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Metamorfosi Sinks & Origami Tubs From Stocco of Italy

Metamorfosi Collection of wall mounted sinks:

A combination of art and technology: the washbasin base unit and the mirror frame are made of StructuralTM, a high-tech resin employed on boats and aircraft. The METAMORFOSI collection comes in six different "textures", six differently styled illustrations make it an object of art with its own personality. Romantic Florals and Butterflies, Asian-styled imagery, Modern and Pop art Patterns and more.

Also available in solid colors, like the violet one shown below:

From a technical point of view, Metamorfosi includes a 117 cm countertop base, combined with a ceramic or mineral marble, exclusive shape basin, with side tops and "drop-proof" edge. Its structure is in a high technological content material called StructuralTM , used to build parts of airplanes and yacht hulls. The illustrations, drawn on the structure indelibly, are resistant to water and humidity.

These furnishings are available with the Metamorfosi mirror, from 101x72 cm, with frame in StructuralTM, and integrated light.

Metamorfosi is designed by Edoardo Rognoni together with Stocco Research & Development. Illustrations are by Davide Visentin.

The Origami Collection of Cristalplant tubs:

Origami's key item is the bathtub, an absolute new entry for the Stocco world. All in Cristalplant®, it can be transformed into many versions, many of which are fully customisable. Self standing, wall-mounted, with functional sides (for example, with service niches, shelves or practical, coloured chests), customised with logos or pantographed graphics or equipped with a practical extended top, the Origami bathtub unleashes architect creativity.

Scatolata Tub in Cristalplant:

Freestanding Cristalplant tub:

Freestanding tub with extension:

Stocco has many more collections and beautiful bathroom designs. To see them all, visit

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