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Home Decor That Goes Up To 11. Rock n' Roll Furnishings From Rocket Design.

Rocket Design of Italy makes home decor for the hard core rock n' roll enthusiast. Clever little products like wine racks, table trays, wall mirrors, napkin rings and more, all in the shapes of music related items.

Home Decor That Goes Up To Eleven

Perfect for iPod-addicted students' dorm rooms and budding musicians. Below is their range of products.

Orange and black guitar wall shelves (complete with wall stickers):

Equalizer coat rack:

Guitar coffee tables:

Cassette deck shelf (complete with wall stickers):

headphone wall mirrors:

Nap(ster)kin rings and coasters:

Guitar shot glass holders:

The Dish jockey, a turntable tray:

The wine (jack) rack in transparent or white:

Since this post was published, Rocket Design has more novelty products than furniture. But lots of fun items for the home.

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