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The Fincube By Studio Aisslinger. Modular, Sustainable & Damn Cool Looking.

The Fincube by Berlin's Studio Aisslinger

This new housing is modular, sustainable and transportable. The low energy house, named ‘Fincube’, is comprised of thin horizontal “ledges” of locally grown wood that wrap the slightly bulging form.

At the moment, there are three models of Fincubes: the ready-to-move-into Fincube without interior furnishings, the standard model, and the premium model. The two latter models are based on the same room layout. Interior furnishings can be adjusted to your individual requirements.

The Fincube is installed on four columns whose height is adjusted to the topographic conditions. The elevation of the plot underlines the cubic form of the construction. Access is made available via a staircase.

With the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and glass, and with low-energy construction techniques and minimum soil sealing, Fincube meets sustainable construction methods.

According to the intended use, connections for cold water, rainwater, waste water, and electricity are required. Due to the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof, the Fincube becomes an independent unit.

This second facade layer provides privacy for the inhabitants and fuses the man-made structure with its natural surroundings.

The home provides 47 sqm of living space with a minimal CO2 footprint, and can also be easily dismantled and rebuilt on a different site.

The supporting structure is made of local larch and the interior is a combination of larch and stone-pine.

In the snow:

The Interior:

Organized in a helical structure, the entrance area blends into a generous open kitchen, with an adjacent living space and a bedroom around the corner.

Interior furnishings bear the trademark of the designer Werner Aisslinger – accentuated formal purity marks bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Minimalism and the use of high quality materials form the framework of individual living.

Kitchen and Dining:

Living Space:



Fincube models

Ready-to-move-into Fincube without interior furnishings:
This model of Fincube will be handed over ready-to-move-into. According to intended use, the customer designs his own Fincube and furnishes it with the desired interior.

Fincube Standard:
The standard Fincube is a fully equipped living unit with kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. All furniture and fittings are made to order and meet the highest quality requirements. Everything is included – from high-quality installation devices to lighting, and even curtains are available.

Fincube Premium:
This Fincube model differs from the standard model by its unlimited quality, technique, and luxury. Special accessories and technical features make the Fincube Premium a high-end version.

Dimension outside: 8,5 m x 8,5 m (with facade)
Dimension outside: 7 m x 7 m (without facade)
Total space: 49 m²
Usable space: 47 m²
Room height: 3 m
Material of supporting structure: wood - larch
Material outside/slats: wood - larch
Material inside: wood - larch/stone pine
Glazing: triple glazing, U-value – 0.70 W/m²K
Soil sealing:
Project details:
Year: 2008 
- 2010
The Team: Studio Aisslinger

The Fincube team is made up of Werner, Joseph, Markus, Matthias, Elisa, Hannes and Philipp. They all working in different areas, and tare committed to the vision of a new concept of living.

•Werner Aisslinger (design)
•Josef Innerhofer (sales)
•Markus Lobis (production)
•Matthias Prast (production)
•Elisa Innerhofer (communication, marketing)
•Hannes Santer (legal consultancy service)
•Philipp Mitterer (business consultancy service, marketing)
•Tina Bunjaprasit (design)

interior design: tina bunyaprasit, studio aisslinger

: studio aisslinger
josef innerhofer
Wood structure 
by markus lobis - Ritten/Italy
interior finish by 
matthias prast. Ritten/Italy.

photos courtesy of Florian Berger, Hannes Meraner, Werner Aisslinger 

Tel: +39 0471 359 012
Fax: +39 0471 359 335
Hauptstraße 69
I-39050 Unterinn / Ritten

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