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The Photography Of Eva Mueller

Bavarian-born photographer Eva Mueller is best known for her projection photography - projected light, shape and texture on nudes. But frankly, I find those are the least inventive and beautiful of her work.

With an enormous portfolio that includes everything from CD and album covers to lipstick ads, her large body of work is quite diverse, despite certain stylistic commonalities. She often acts as the art director for her own shoots, utilizing her knowledge of graphic design for both the concepts and compositions. Minimal and graphic, bold and clean, Mueller says her vision is that of "less is more."

Once you pour over the following images, you'll find that whether it's gritty and black and white or slick and bright, indoors or outdoors, stylized or natural, her work has an undeniable beauty.

Some of her photos of men:

Some of her photos of women:

Some of her beauty and make-up photography:

Some of her projection photography:

Some of her music photography:

Some of her personal work:

The photographer:

She's shot for American and British record labels, editorials for the New York, Vellum and Zink magazine, ad campaigns for Steve Madden, Panasonic, Master Card and Guinness. her personal work, which consist largely of nudes, has been displayed in galleries and museums in London, Germany and the US.

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all images and info courtesy of the photographer.

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