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Super Sexy CPR Sells Fortnight Lingerie

Here's a case where the blatant use of temperature-raising -and quite possibly body part raising- video of two scantily clad women touching one another is actually appropriate (now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write).

The product being sold is lingerie. Handmade in Canada, Toronto-based Fortnight Lingerie is modern, highly tailored and yes, sexy. The small company has come up with a clever way to sell themselves: an 'educational' video of cpr training as demonstrated by models donning their product.

The company's product difference is that they sell pieces especially designed and tailored to fit more women than the narrow range offered by most North American manufacturers, which is sizes 34–38, A-D, and represents only 30% of women. Fortnight Lingerie offers sizes A-F, 30 -40.


The actual product line is minimal (in more ways than one) with 6 styles for Spring 2010:

 above left: RITA soft cup. above right: RITA

above left: SOPHIA. above right: VIVIENNE 1

above left: GRETA. above right: NATALIE

To purchase directly from Fortnight Lingerie email them at Select designs are also available at their store on Stdio visits and consultations are also available.

Photography by Zoe Brigman, Project Management Prepare yourself. Another video.. Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts, is coming out in June! Fortnight Lingerie

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