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More Amazing Arboreal Architecture. Baumraum Tree Houses Part II.

above: Baumraum's King Of Frogs treehouse at night

When it comes to tree houses in which even the most urban dweller would feel at home, no one tops Baumraum of Germany.

Their architecturally stunning treehouses are a subject I covered once before, but it's time to wow with you with four (4) more of their latest incredible arboreal art/architecture.

The dwellings are designed in such a manner that they feel at home amongst the treetops but still have the modern style and chic comfort of a small prefab home. Skylights, curved windows, wood paneling, aluminum cladding and railings, built-ins and decks make these a far cry from the kind of tree houses your dad struggled to put up in the backyard when you were a kid.

The King Of Frogs Treehouse:

In a small private garden in Münster this space hovers above a flat pool, framed by high bamboo stilts. The visitors reach the staircase across 3 natural-stone steps between water-lilies.

The curved cabin in the middle of the pool is covered with a zinc-sheet and lamellas of tatajuba-wood underneath. It rests on eight asymmetrical arranged stilts. Large curved glass at the gables and slim windows at the sides lighten the interior and give a bright and transparent look to the cabin.

Inside the visitors notice the big curved rooftop-window above the pale lying surface. Below the bench on the opposite side drawers give enough storage space. Walls, floor and furniture made of white-glazed ash underline the bright and minimalistic character of the interior.

The terrace, made of tatajuba-wood, rests on four stainless-steel stilts and is big enough to relax comfortable on it. Some steps and a small catwalk lead the visitors to the cabin.

The World of Living Treehouse:

Baumraum constructed this treehouse in the World of Living, a park belonging to the firm Weberhaus in Rheinau-Linx, near the french town Strasbourg. The firm produces detached houses which are on display there.

This ambitious project is one of the attractions of the park and underlines the innovative orientation of Weberhaus. The treehouse was conceived of and produced by young apprentices of Weberhaus in cooperation with other partners.

More information about World of Living, the business hours and other attractions can be found on the website

The Treehouse Djuren:

Located in Germany, the Djuren treehouse construction is divided into two parts: the lower terrace and the treehouse with a small terrace.

As the oaks cannot bear the complete weight of the building, the treehouse is propped up by four slanting supports on a concrete foundation. The trees carry the terraces by steel-ropes and textile-belts without damage to or injuring the tree.

The interior is furnished with a very spacious curved lying area opposite which sits a bench.

Beneath the bench are drawers made of acrylic-glass and bamboo-sticks.

From the lying area there is a fantastic view trough the roof-window into the treetop. The walls are covered white, the interior furniture and the floor are made of oak.

The Riverview Treehouse:

Perhaps this composition is not a real treehouse because it stands on stilts, but its qualities resemble one. It is far above the ground among the trees, and has a wonderful view.

The ensemble is located on a property with a steep slope. From the top of this slope one can access a ramp, which leads to a large terrace. From this position one gets a spectacular view of the city of Freudenburg and the Main river valley.

Wide stairs connect the lower terrace to an upper terrace, which holds a rounded cabin. The exterior materials are characterized by dark stained wood with contrasting stainless steel elements. The curving roof is covered with oxidized zinc.

The interior space gets its charm from the wide openings, which allow light to play against the curved white wall while offering panoramic views of the river valley. The furniture and floor is made from natural oak wood treated with oil. The mattress and bench are soft pads covered in light grey wool felt.

all info and images courtesy of Baumraum

contact info:
Andreas Wenning
dipl.-ing. architekt
roonstr. 49
28203 bremen
tel. ++ 49 (0) 4 21. 70 51 22

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