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Disney Signature & Cappellini Unveil 5 Limited Edition Chairs

above: Modern Mickey Mouse fabric on Cappellini's Rive Droite chair

Walt Disney Signature and Italian furniture brand Cappellini have collaborated to produce five limited edition chairs that were unveiled this month at the Milan Furniture Fair.

The chairs:

ECO FISH Walt Disney Signature limited edition from Cappellini - design: Satyendra Pakhalè 2010

An organic shape inspired by nature, the Fish Chair is the ideal way to showcase the latest advancement in fabrication - an opaque, multi-coloured plastic created from recycled materials, moulded using a rotational technique. The material is recycled to underline Cappellini's renewed focus on the theme of conserving raw materials for the future generations. The internal part of the seat is coloured white. Series of 99 numbered pieces. Armchair - cm. 55 x 87 x 40/72 h.

MICKEY'S RIBBON STOOL Walt Disney Signature limited edition from Cappellini - design: Nendo 2010

With its circular shape, open design and flowing lines, the Ribbon Stool lends itself perfectly to the famous silhouette that peeks over its seat. Merging flawlessly together, our two visions create a single, iconic representation of the seamless collaboration between Cappellini and Walt Disney Signature. This is a series of high and low stools with backrest, produced from laser cut and folded sheet metal. The low stool has a shiny red varnish, the high stool a shiny yellow varnish, whilst the feet are in transparent plastic. Series of 399 numbered pieces for the low stool. Series of 199 numbered pieces for the high stool. Low stool - cm. Ø 42 x 45/66 h. High stool - cm. Ø 42 x 78/99 h.

Y'S MICKEY Walt Disney Signature limited edition from Cappellini - design: Christophe Pillet 2010

With its rounded contours and unique design, the Y's De Lux Chair is the perfect canvas on which to embroider one of our signature icons: a subtle geometric pattern using Mickey's silhouette. Swivel armchair with integral polyurethane frame. Fixed cover in white leather with white yarn embroidery that reproduces the unmistakeable silhouette of the most famous cartoon character in the world. Base in die cast aluminium with matt white varnish, feet in black plastic. Series of 33 numbered pieces. Armchair - cm. 54.5 x 73 x 43/80 h.

MULTICOLOUR RIVE DROITE Walt Disney Signature limited edition from Cappellini - design: Patrick Norguet 2010

Making the connection between fashion and design, the Rive Droite chair seamlessly fuses a pure, modern shape, with the graphic pattern of Mickey's overlapping silhouette. The bold, daring palette illustrates both Walt Disney Signature and Cappellini's fearless approach to colour. Swivel armchair with wooden and moulded polyurethane frame. Fixed cover in fabric that presents a highly familiar silhouette in a daring pallette. Base in brushed stainless steel. Series of 99 numbered pieces. Armchair - cm. 93.5 x 73.5 x 38.5/71 h.

the press release:
Walt Disney Signature, Disney's first upscale, inspired, non-character, adult lifestyle brand and Cappellini, one of the most renowned design innovators worldwide, today unveiled five limited edition chairs at the Milan Furniture Fair in Italy. The combination of Cappellini's reputation for innovation and the magic and inspiration of Disney has produced a series of everyday products that resemble works of art.

above: The Disney and Cappellini Booth at The 2010 Milan Furniture fair

This introduction follows the success of Walt Disney Signature's dining installation in collaboration with Cappellini for last month's Dining By Design DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) event in New York City.

above: the Dining display at Diffa

A 3-dimensional sculpting of Mickey Mouse sitting on a giant chair, previously used for the DIFFA event display, was recreated at Fuori Salone, Milano Design Village to mark today's launch. The Mickey sculpture is made of polyurethane, measures more than three metres tall and weighs 40 kilos.

"Walt Disney and Cappellini both have a shared approach to design, creativity and collaboration that turns everyday products into functional works of art," commented Pamela Lifford, executive vice president, Home and Fashion, Disney Consumer Products. "Collaborating with a leading Italian design brand specialising in contemporary furnishings like Cappellini is another exciting step in continuing Walt Disney Signature's philosophy on design and innovation."

"This collaboration is the premise for a joint Cappellini and Walt Disney Signature stylistic commitment that promises to become a new, interesting and exciting chapter in the history of contemporary design, combining Cappellini's strong inclination for innovation with the magical creativity of Disney," added Giulio Cappellini, Art Director for Cappellini.

The Ribbon stool and the Fish Chair, Y's de Luxe and Rive Droite armchairs are embellished with patterns, each one with a different image and underlying theme. The Ribbon's new profile blends Cappellini design with the outline of Disney's most famous character, Mickey Mouse; Y's de Luxe and Rive Droite reflect and multiply the same image in striking processed fabrics; the Fish Chair's shape is inspired by Disney's It's A Small World and produced in recycled material.

Walt Disney Signature products from Cappellini are available at independent and specialty retailers across the globe. Your local Cappellini retailer will be able to take orders now.

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