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It's A Scooter! It's A Stroller! It's The Roller Buggy!

Although I think it ought to be named the Scroller, The Roller Buggy is a multi-functional baby carriage transformable into a scooter designed by Valentin Vodev, a member of the design trio behind CIO, Creative Industrial Objects.

Through a simple pull of the lower body, it extends the normal baby carriage into a scooter, creating a more sportive and faster transportation on various terrains and giving both parties a good time.

For the development of the Roller Buggy, a great amount of design and market research was invested. At first, the combination of baby carriage and scooter was tested in numerous plans and models after which the best results were optimized in a 3D model.

After the 3D model was created, a prototype was built and tried out in a park by placing a life size dummy into a third-party seat with seat belts. As the security of the child has priority, two front brake disks are provided to enable speed reduction at any time.

Child safety- Roller Buggy has a specially-made hydraulic brake system with two disk brakes that allow to reduce the speed and to stop. There is also a safety belt on the child's seat. The child should be older than 1,5 years and the speed shouldn't be faster than 15 km/h.

For children 1.5 - 4 years
Materials: Aluminium, plastic and rubber
Characteristics: Easy to store away, multifunctional purpose
Usage: Alleys, parks, streets

above: designer Valentin Vodev

all images courtesy of the
designer and pixstudio

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