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Design Your Own Throw Pillows At Inmod

This is a truly great idea for those who like to have some say and personal control when it comes to the design of their home decor. Or for those looking for reasonably priced contemporary throw pillows as gifts or for themselves.

The Inmod online design studio allows you to design your own throw pillows, in one of two sizes and with numerous image, color and fabric options. Whether you want a 2 color pillow or a 6 color pillow, a cotton one or a silk shantung one, a funny one or a beautiful one... you can design them all yourself.

They have featured designs that include everything from modern chair silhouettes, wild animals, dogs, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe and other fun icons. Also available are patterns ranging from florals and fish to mod 60s abstract styles.

All are easy to design and preview, then just click to order. Prices vary depending upon size and fabric choice.

Here's a few quick examples to inspire you:

The 4 Simple Steps:

To start designing your pillow, select a pattern. Choose a theme from the drop down menu, and then pick a pattern. Once you've selected a pattern, it will appear in the window.

Now that you've selected your pattern, choose the fabric for your pillow. You can pick 215 thread count cotton, cotton casement, linen/cotton blend or silk dupioni.

Next, select the size you want your pillow to be. Choose from 18 x 18 or 26 x 26.


Choose one base color and then an embroidery color for each detail of your pattern. Select one detail at a time by clicking the circle to the left of each numbered detail, and then select the color you want that element of the design to be. Repeat until all of the details have been selected.

Prices for the cotton pillows in the smaller size (18" x 18") start at about $40 and silk shantung starts at about $60.

Start designing yours here.

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