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The Globe Storage Cabinet by Studio Job for Gufram.

This freestanding whimsical piece of storage furniture was created by Studio Job for Gufram of Italy, who is known for their playful polyurethane foam furnishings. The armoire or wardrobe cabinet is set with a soft polyurethane foam globe in the center which stays in place whether the doors are open or closed.

A Dog-Shaped Children's Desk, Le Chien Savant, by Philippe Starck.

A recent addition to the Magis Me Too Collection, the children's arm of Magis Design, is Le Chien Savant.

Designed by Philippe Starck, Le Chien Savant is a children’s combination chair and desk in the shape of a dog that was inspired by C. Bavaud

"As a child I never liked school, but I loved dogs.
Should I had met this learned dog at that time, I would have become a scholar, too.
But I missed this occasion and unfortunately the learned dog now exists, but unfortunately only for children. Too late." - C. Bavaud

Le Chien Savant is made of rotational-molded polyethylene and available in five colors. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Magis Me Too

Available at or through various modern furniture retailers.

Beautiful Interactive Books Introduce Kids To Artists Picasso and Calder.

The other day I received two new wonderfully designed educational and interactive books for kids. Pablo Picasso: Meet The Artist and Alexander Calder: Meet the Artist are the first ever children's books published by Princeton Architectural Press and they are wonderful hands-on introductions to the works of these two legends.

Filled with imaginative pop-ups, cut-outs, pull tabs, flaps, masks, stickers, 3D imagery and boatloads of easy to understand info, the 8.25 x 11.75 inch (21.0 x 29.8 cm) hardcover books are a must for any curious child's library. Both books were written by author, graphic designer and illustrator Patricia Geis.

Alexander Calder: Meet the Artist

No artist can put a smile on your face quicker than Alexander Calder. A sense of playfulness animates all of his work, from his signature hanging mobiles to his endlessly creative toys, drawings, and jewelry. Alexander Calder: Meet the Artist! is an exciting hands-on introduction to this beloved American sculptor. Calder's whimsical world is brought to life by imaginative interactivity. A universe of artistic possibilities opens up as young readers explore Calder's creative evolution, play with his toy designs, and even create their own sculptural circus.

buy it here

Pablo Picasso: Meet the Artist

This book takes young readers on an interactive journey through the remarkable life of the legendary Spanish painter. This engaging book uses a multitude of interactive devices to explain how his art evolved over his lifetime, from his earliest painting at age seven to the great masterworks of Les Demoiselles d Avignon and Guernica. Readers are encouraged to make their own cubist collage using an enclosed sheet containing an eclectic collection of images.

buy it here

Inspiring Little Girls Beyond Disney Princesses - The NOT Just A Girl Series by Jaime Moore.

Wedding and lifestyle photographer Jaime Moore had been searching everywhere for some new creative inspiration for her daughter Emma's 5th birthday photos. When researching she noticed the prevalence of girls dressing as pretty Disney Princesses and no matter where she looked, 95% of the 'ideas' and 'how-to's' featured more of the same. Despite loving Disney Princesses herself (who doesn't?), after giving it much thought Jaime really wanted to use REAL women as inspiration for her daughter.

Burton's 2014 Star Wars Snowboard Collection For The Young Shredder

Burton and Lucasfilm have teamed up once again. This time for a new series of 8 Chopper Star Wars Snowboards, a Darth Vader version of the Grom Snowboard Boot and a Star Wars Boy's Anon. Boba Fett Helmet and Anon. Boba Fett goggles.

The 2014 Chopper Snowboards, designed for youths, have a beginner-friendly convex base and are made for even the lightest weight rider. For parents, the Riglet accessory attaches to the nose of the three smallest sizes to tow little ones around until they are comfortable enough to try the bindings.

The 2014 Star Wars Chopper Snowboards:

The Star Wars Darth Vader Grom Boot:

anon. Boy's Boba Fett Rimes Helmet:

anon. Boy's Boba Fett Tracker Goggles:

Shop the youth's 2014 Star Wars X Burton collection here.

Disgustingly Cute. No, Wait.. I Mean Disgusting AND Cute. Halloween Treats Gone Wrong.

There's nothing like seeing little kids in costumes. Cute. There's nothing like seeing little kids spit out food and throw up. Gross. And in this "Halloween" commercial for Crest & Oral B, you get both. Effectively.

Directed by J.J. Adler and dreamt up by ad agency Publicis Kaplan Thaler, a panel of unsuspecting trick or treaters are tricked rather than treated when offered 'healthy' Halloween treats.

See what ensues:
The reactions are priceless:

Long Live Candy!

Client: Crest and Oral-B
Spot: "Halloween Treats Gone Wrong"
Agency: Publicis Kaplan Thaler
Chief Creative Officer, President: Rob Feakins
Executive Creative Directors: David Corr, Tony Gomes
Creative Director, Copywriter: George Logothetis
Creative Director, Art Director: Xavier Rodon
Executive Producer: Noelle Nimrichter
Account Team: Angela Pasqualucci, Cheryl Loo, Carine Johannes, Alex Andrial, Dani Winter
Production Company: Tool of North America
Director: J.J. Adler
Editing: Fluid Editorial
Editor: John Piccolo

Aquaplay Creatures For Pool Fun by RQR Estudio For Isaba.

Designed by RQR Estudio for ISABA's Aquaplay division are these adorable water-spouting creatures. The interactive 'sprinkler' type equipment is to be placed in the recreational areas of hotels and public pools, inside and at the edge of shallow pools. Animals, beings and a tree round out the collection as you will see below:

These are not for individual residential use as far as I know. For more information, visit IsabaAquaplay

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