Artists James Jarvis, So Me & Delta Create Limited Edition Bottles of Malibu Rum

Malibu Pop & Street Art Series is a limited collection of artist designed bottles for Malibu Rum by So-Me (France), Delta (Netherlands) and James Jarvis (UK) , curated by La MJC.

Three different bottle by three different artists from three different countries representing three different styles; each is numbered and signed and limited to 100 bottles.

French Graphic designer/multi-media artist S0-Me 's Typographic exploration:

Netherland Graffiti artist /painter Delta's Collage design:

And illustrator/vinyl toy designer James Jarvis' pop art version:

Each bottle will cost 19 euros and will be available to the public exclusively at Colette in France beginning December 1st.


The So Me Show at Studio Gallery .
So Me's MySpace page


Buy James Jarvis' many vinyl toys collectibles here.

See James Jarvis illustrations here


See some of Delta's older work here
And his newer site here

Visit Colette here to purchase the Malibu Rum bottles starting december 1st


Snackworthy said...

The rum bottles are so cool!

NeatCuteDani said...

I haven't drunk Malibu since I was a teenager, but I actually need one of those bottles....

Naomi Godfrey said...

I love the edginess of these works of art. Check out my own edgy blog (edgy using words) at

Your blog in general is totally hot and chic!
from Naomi

Brammy said...

Love all of the stuff in this blog, thanks for the inspiration

It's All Good said...

they're doing that with Pepsi products too! I love functional art...

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.