Epos & Visa Have 100 Worldwide Artists Design Credit Cards

Over at NOTCOT, I spotted a post by Rice Candy about some artist designed credit cards. Unfortunately there was no link to the gallery of 100 designs created for the Japanese financial institution, Epos. After some scouring around, I finally found it. So, now I'll share with you some more information and designs as well as a link to the site where you can see all 100 designs for yourself.

Visa and various international designers from all over the world have launched 100 beautifully designed credit cards for Epos International of Japan. Styles include everything from photography to hand scribbled graffiti by such artists and designers as Friends With You, Touma, Julian Picaud and Tristan Eaton.

The project is a collaboration with the Bleed Design, Visa and Japan's leading fashion stores Marui Co. The cards launched this past September 2008 and will be available until October 2009.

Here are several of my personal favorites:

To see all 100 designs along with artist information, check out the gallery here.


Anonymous said...

I like the hippo and the bear. Are there any anime ones?

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Great post


i would deffinitly pay extra for those cards though the peer pressure from that commercial is to avoid the kindergarden cardz lol...

Panda said...

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Kokeshi said...

Oh very fun! I like them! More card should have quirky/creative designs on them!

Anonymous said...

That makes me want a Visa. Why can't we get cards so cool here?

Allexandriia said...

omg I love all of them espically the fourth 1! abstract =]

andtheniknew.blogspot.com said...

The cards look so cool

Anonymous said...

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