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Bear Your Love Inside Your Chest: Tattoo Your Heart

I wrote a long post about the fun, viral phony product launch of the Pomegranate Phone a ways back and am still amazed at the number of people out there who think it's a real product.

Chances are, same thing will occur with this entertaining phony 'medical tattooing of the human heart service' to launch the music video of "Some People" by the pop band Vikunja.

They promise to tattoo the actual human heart, complete with staff, price list and medical procedure video... as a rouse to launch a pop band and their latest music video. Below is the clever packaging in which the DVD was sent out:

Packaging is great, site design is great and the whole concept is unique, if not a little nauseating.

By creating a company that performs the medical procedure of actually 'tattooing' the human heart, they have managed to pique the interest of the ink loving audience while simultaneously launching a music video for a fairly obscure band, Vikunja.

Above: Vikunju
visit their myspace page here

Here's their hilarious welcome letter:

True love tattoos offers you a brand new way to really express your love for that special someone.

Don’t ink your skin like everyone else, ink your heart. or as we refer to it, your soul-canvas. so, do you really love your partner as much as you say?

Here's your chance to prove it.

dr. valentin vikunjevski

and their phony medical 'staff':

Even their phony FAQs are fun:

Q: does the ink fade with time?
A: there are case studies indicating that falling out of love may have a slight fading effect on the ink, apart from that, this baby is for life.

Q: can i still be a heart donor?
A: yes you can. however, be aware that research suggest that the new owner of your heart tend to get an unexplainable crush on the person whose name is tattooed on the heart.

Q: how will i prove to my loved one that i hounered him or her with a true love tattoo?
A: you will recieve one (1) polaroid picture of your tattoo on place, and also a video recording of the whole procedure. by the way, this video comes with a great soundtrack from new amazing rock band vikunja.

Do not get a tlt if you have a weak heart, are ink intollerant or if you’re not sure you’re really in love. avoid getting a tlt if you have a newly broken heart. let it heal for at least 3 months. laser erase surgery is available but not recommended. we also supply a special divorce discount if you can prove your partner cheated on you. in some cases we recomend you cover up your old tattoo with a new one, we are especially skilled in making football team crests.

Here's a behind the scenes shot of the music video shoot:

Vikunja's music site.

And finally, here's the music video the site was created to launch:

The viral site.

Advertising Agency: Le Bureau
Art Directors / Copywriters: Jonas Wittenmark & Tobias Carlson

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