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Showtime's Serial Killer, Dexter, Inspires Some Bloody Interesting Items You Can Own

This past summer, as part of a month long, groundbreaking print and television partnership, a celebrated group of designers transformed a beautiful Grammercy Park townhouse into a luxurious beacon of modernism inspired by the top six original hit series from Showtime.

Above: Showtime's Original series, Dexter, stars Michael C. Hall

This post is focusing on the wonderful DEXTER dining room created by Amy Lau design and DEXTER kitchen by Johnny Grey and the products now available for purchase as a result of that project.

The dining room features a table ready for a sit down dinner for twelve. All the items from the dishes to the lighting are inspired by the macabre tv show and were produced in limited editions.

Above: Amy Lau's sketch of the room for the project

Above: the completed room

Setting the mood are Amy Lau's chairs, elegant but wounded, walls splattered with 'blood' and place settings that might quell hunger rather than provoke it.

The table is surrounded by Steven Antonson’s candlesticks, reminiscent of vertebrae and filled with blood red candles. Wine and water glasses from Thomas Fuchs/Otium designed glassware have luminous 'blood -filled' stems and ominous fingerprints.

Savor the delectable dinner while challenged by Steve Butcher's dismembered flatware, a fascinating and disturbing set.

Nadeige Choplet's handmade ceramic plates celebrate the love of blood via an intricate pattern of blood splatters, veins and capillaries under a delicate porcelain skin; and finally dessert can be enjoyed on Klein Reid's fine porcelain, served with the fine trace of a fingerprint.

All this is presented under the sensual lighting by Grégoire Abrial of Amy Lau Design, a baroque cacophony of wine glasses and pure white; and surrounded by fantastic works as Jane D'Arensbourg's Coronal Section, the glass installation reminiscent of flowing organic cells and brain patterns; and Angelica Bergamini's elixir of life an airy curtain that truly gives life to the light that floods the room.

So, what can you own? All of the following macabre items:

DEXTER! chairs
dexter dining chairs designed by amy lau design

white lacquered wood frame upholstered in white ultraleather
hand-embroidered with blood design
10 side chairs each $ 2500
2 arm chairs signed by michael c hall, each $ 5000
manufacturer: martin albert interiors, inc

DEXTER! fingerprint glasses by Thomas Fuchs

A collection of hand-blown DEXTER inspired stemmed glasses, consisting of white wine, red wine and water goblets.

The glasses appear fairly benign but after closer inspection you will see the blood red glass running through the stem of the glass and then the subtle fingerprints on the bowl of the glass obviously left from the serial killer.

details: dimensions 8 inches tall, material clear mouth blown glass with a drop of red glass into the stem with sandblasted fingerprints, edition of 16, $137.50 each

DEXTER! fingerprint plates by KleinReid

KleinReid's are hand thrown and trimmed porcelain plates with unique tell-tale embossed fingerprints each plate is gloss glazed and high-fired in an special edition of only 17

details: dimensions approx. 9", weight approx. 1.5 lbs, each $250.00

DEXTER! Dinner Plates By Nadeige Choplet - love of blood:

Above: The starter/dessert plate is a delectable combination of veins and broken capillaries under a layer of porcelain skin.

Above: The main course plate offers a refreshing splash of blood accompanied by the origin of the wound.

Above: The charger plates are a cross section of the human body.

one of a kind place setting chargers, dinner and dessert plates.
details: high-fired ceramic chargers 14.5" diameter $135
dinner plates 11" diameter $75
dessert plates 8" diameter $60
edition of 12, each piece is hand made and coloration, shape and patterning can vary.

DEXTER! dismembered flatware (classic, modern or antique) by steve butcher
Wonderfully disturbing flatware in classic, modern or antique styles, each 'silced and dismembered but still functional. Each piece is hand crafted and each setting has it's own character - numbered and initialed.

Above: antique - $500/place setting

Above: classic - $450/place setting

above: modern - $400/place setting

the details: 5 piece place classic silver plated setting - engraved knife, fork, salad/desert fork, spoon, coffee/desert spoon.

DEXTER! finn candlesticks by Stephen Antonson

The white resin candlesticks with red candles were inspired by human anatomy, specifically vertebrae. The scale is such that one’s fingers, or in this case case Dexter’s digits, fit perfectly into the candlesticks’ curves. details: materials resin candlesticks with red candles, edition of 12. The candlesticks come in three sizes; small - $125, medium - $250, and large - $375

DEXTER! Coronal Section installations by Jane D’Arensbourg
Even the various "Coronal Section" glass sculptures are available. This installation was inspired by cross sections of the brain. also vein patterns in the body. Jane has a fascination with blood and veins, as Dexter does. Her fascination is in nature, and pattern.

details: 12 ft x 10 ft. approx, 12 inches x 7 inches each individual piece., material: glass, edition of 23, each piece $750, whole installation of 23 pieces $17,000.00 approx.

The above items shown can be purchased here.

The Kitchen:

THE KITCHEN(above) by Johnny Grey

Harnessing the softer side of our serial killer, Johnny Grey draws his inspiration from Dexter’s South Florida lifestyle rather than his murderous profession. The artful kitchen reflects Miami’s tropical locale and famed Art Deco architecture. Finally a space where Dexter can focus on slicing and dicing veggies — and only veggies.

Part of a team renowned for its edgy kitchen design, Grey and Chuck Wheelock (design director for the U.K.-based firm, Johnny Grey Studios) have a worldwide client roster that includes rock star Sting and Apple founder Steve Jobs.

So many talented people were involved in the project, it's only fair to share with you more of their work, so below are links to most (not all) of the artists who created items for the Showtime Metropolitan Dexter dining room and kitchen:

Amy Lau Design by Gregoire Abrial
Light installation

Stephen Antonson
Consoles and mirrors

Marcus Tremonto
Wall art sconces

Jane D'Arensbourg
Glass sculpture wall hanging

Aranda/Lasch for Johnson Trading Gallery

Gregoire Abrial
Taped floor installation

Dustin Yellin
Resin art skull sculptures

Amy Lau Design
Embroidered by Leah Picker
Upholstered by Martin Albert Interiors

Otium Nyc by Thomas Fuchs

Steve Butcher

Commemorative plates

Nadeige Choplet
Chargers, dinner and dessert plates

Stephen Antonson

Also available for Dexter fans are these items designed by SCAD (the Savannah College of Art & Design) for the premiere and are available through their online store:

Above: Throw pillow, $75.00

Above: The Five Finger Discount Mug, $15.00

Above: Body Part earrings, $60.00

Above: paper Dexter monster coasters, $10.00
shop SCAD

The following items are available at the Showtime Dexter Online store:

Above: glass printed Dexter coasters in commemorative box.

Above: Shephard Fairey's Dexter Poster
Buy a shepard fairey signed version of the poster here.

UPDATE: New Dexter action figures, including a special one for this year's 2009 Comic-Con have just been released:

buy this limited exclusive edition here.

buy the Dexter Action figure here.

Above: The Dexter Bobblehead Doll, buy it here.

shop the Showtime Dexter online store.

The official Dexter site.

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