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Pleo for the Pedia Set: Playskool's Kota The Triceratops

Above: Kota The Triceratops Animatronic Dino For Kids

First off, the good and the bad news: He doesn't actually walk (he moves his head, opens his mouth, roars and responds to certain stimuli like touch and sounds).

This is good for parents who don't have to worry about the dino and passenger falling down stairs, leaving the room or accidentally plowing into an expensive piece of furniture.

This is bad for those who thought who were absolutely wowed at the thought of a walking dinosaur upon which toddlers could 'ride'.

Either way, this is Pleo For the Pedia set. And yes, I bought one for my nephews today.

Hasbro's PLAYSKOOL goes prehistoric with the introduction of the KOTA The Triceratops Dinosaur. Featuring sophisticated electronics, animatronics and design, this 'life-size' baby dinosaur 'comes to life' creating a magical experience for preschoolers.

Measuring over 40-inches long KOTA The Triceratops reacts to touch and sound with realistic dinosaur noises and movements.

Featuring sensors in eleven areas on his body, KOTA will react to touch by moving his head, tail and horns or giving a friendly dino roar.

With KOTA The Triceratops children will enjoy the simulated experience of 'riding' a dinosaur; kids can ride comfortably on his back in a spring-loaded seat, holding onto a handle hidden behind the dinosaur's head.

To enhance the fantasy play of going for an adventure on a triceratops, while 'riding' KOTA children will hear fun jungle sounds and a kid-friendly 'roar'.

toy description: It’s fossil-sized fun standing just over 2.5 feet tall. A hidden handle helps kids hold on once they climb onto the dinosaur’s back. Realistic stomping sounds add to the make-believe fun as kids bounce in place on the spring seat. Talk to KOTA the Triceratops and he roars back with expressive tail, head, eye, mouth and horn movements. Touch his nose with your hand and KOTA “sniffs” it! In fact, it’s easy to trigger all of his sensitive spots – try tickling his belly or chin to make KOTA “laugh”. And when you think this pretend dinosaur has worked up an appetite, be sure to “feed” KOTA his leafy snack – it really sounds like he’s munching on it! Four different adventure-themed tunes set the mood for your child’s wild imagination as he embarks on a dino-filled "rides." But don’t worry! A convenient volume control switch lets you adjust the level or turn it off. KOTA the Triceratops may look thick-skinned, but just one stroke on his scaly-like fabric “hide” will prove he’s really a soft and snuggable playmate who’s ready for all of your child’s dino-roarin’ escapades.

Dinosaur figure comes with leafy snack and instructions.
Requires 6 “D” batteries (not included).

Retail price is set at $299, but as of yesterday, the best online deal I could find was at Amazon for $239.00 and free super saver shipping.

Buy it here from Amazon. Or here from Hasbro.

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