Caleido's Newest Rockin' Wall Radiators; The Metacrilati Collection

Caleido has introduced the new Metacrilati version in their Fine Design range of radiators. Consisting of four different models available in a slew of colors; Flora, Scuba, Wall and Rain – the innovative radiators designed by James di Marco are characterized by an unusual methacrylate-on-steel combination.

Very cool.. er, warm. Take a look.



Besides the new material, Caleido incorporates a new concept - a decorative and functional element all in one. The perforated plates in methacrylate radiators provide numerous points for hanging towels and bathrobes.



To see more of their radiator and towel warmers, visit their site here.

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Adam said...

Those rads are erm, rad! Wouldn't mind the 'Aqua' one in my bathroom, Welsh winter mornings can be quite cold!

yusufyusuf said...

Nice blog...!

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GoWishDare said...

Very interesting info. Thank you for introducing me to these rad radiators!

Michael Richards said...

Great designs, makes me want to redecorate (at least my radiators!)

Kokeshi said...

Woah! Those radiators are awesome!! Heck even if they were just art I would hand em.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.