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Barbie Goes Psychedelic for 2009: The Mod Squad Collection

For the real collector, there are several lines of Barbie dolls... everything from artist and designer series to DC Comics, Dolls of the world and dolls ranked by 'label' (platinum, gold, etc.). I don't want to bog you down with the details (of which there are many) but instead want to share with you some of the Barbie Dolls you probably had no idea were ever created (unless you have tween girls at home or are a collector yourself). Barbie certainly ain't what she used to be...

The Pivotal Mod Squad collection of Pop Life dolls for 2009 is fun, modern and frankly, fabulous. This new set of Pivotal dolls... the follow up to last year's Jazz Baby dolls brings the new POP Life! dolls.

Retro fashion dolls wear mod shapes in shift dresses and elephant bells, mixed with black-and-white graphics and a burst of color and texture! Celebrate the Mod Era with three fully-posable, Pivotal™ body dolls from the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection.

Based on the Pivotal body, each doll comes dressed in Mod prints and features nostalgic face sculpting. Barbie and Christie share the TNT face sculpt, while Kelly is a Steffie face sculpt.

Mod Barbie:

Mod Christie:

Mod Kelly:

Price approx. $54.95 each. Release date is TBA, but the mod dolls, each sold separately, can be pre-ordered here. Or here.

Other "hip" Barbies worth noting:

2008 Hard Rock Barbie

Buy it here.

Hard Rock Runway Barbie:

Buy it here

And of course, the fabulous "The Birds" Barbie commemorating Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie:

buy it here
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