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When An Ordinary Churro Just Doesn't Cut It: Xooro; Gourmet Spanish Fritters

I wish I'd never discovered these, for reasons only my hips understand. Xooro (pronounced 'sure-oh' ) is the premium spanish dessert that has been voted Best In LA and garnered other epicurean awards.

They are fancy gourmet versions of the traditional Spanish fritter (or doughnut), the Churro:

Of course they carry the Original (vanilla creme filled, coated with sugar and cinnamon), A Chocolate original, a Gluten-free original, and custom-filled originals.

In addition to those, they have the following various (and some super unique) flavors such as:

• Triple chocolate (dark chocolate filled, dark chocolate coating and stripes)
• Peanut Butter Lover (peanut butter filled, chocolate peanut butter coating, dark chocolate stripes)
• Rasberry (rasberry filling with white chocolate coating)
• Turkish hazelnut (hazelnut creme with milk chocolate coating and white chocolate stripes)
• Maple Bacon (that's right, maple-creme filled coated with bacon bits)
• Black and White (white chocolate filling, dark chocolate coating, white chocolate stripes)
• Pistacchio (pistachio filing with carmelized pistachio and dark chocolate)
• White Chocolate Coconut (white chocolate filled, white chocolate coated and shredded coconut)
• Dulce de Leche (dulche de leche filling with white chocolate coating)
• Mississipi (peanut butter filled with dark chocolate coating and chopped peanuts)
• Tiramisu (tiramisu cofee creme filling, milk choclate coated and dark chocolate stripes)
• Turron (Toasted almond Spanish candy filling, dark chocolate coating)
• Tortoise (dulce de leche filled, mil choclate coated and chopped pecans)
• Jordan's (Nutella filled with white chocolate coating and dark chocolate stripes)
• Mango (mango creme filled with white chocolate coating)

Unfortunately, at this time, they are only available in the Los Angeles area, with their flagship store in Santa Monica and a delivery service available to the surrounding communities. That's right, they deliver these delicious puppies with a minimum order of 12 and at least 24 hours advanced notice and with some other limitations- for more info on that please write to or fax them at 310- 260-2919.

But they are set to be open several new locations soon; in Orlando, San Antonio, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Located at 125 Broadway in Santa Monica (one block east of Ocean Blvd), California, 90401

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