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Samsonite's Black Label Gets Glitzy; Alexander Queen's hardsided luggage now in silver.

Alexander McQueen’s work for Samsonite Black Label gets two new updates this season – in limited edition shining silver for the striking ribcage Hero piece (Al1) and the Travel piece (Al2) in crocodile skin design.

The shiny exterior, courtesy of a new paint technology, is developed in conjunction with Bayer. First developed for the motor industry, the paint is thermoformable and highly resistant to impact.

The surfaces are scratch- and UV resistant yet drip of sleek modernity, blending Samsonite’s famed hardiness with the glamor that is the hallmark of Alexander McQueen. This new silver collection will be available at Samsonite boutiques worldwide starting this month.

Above: The Hero Piece
The critically acclaimed Hero piece takes on the imprint of a human form with the ribcage and sternum outlined at the front of the case and the backbone on the back. Now in a rich Chocolate, the decadent color and texture makes this piece more luxurious than ever. This striking effect is echoed within the interior with a negative of the ribs represented in a soft molded form. The Hero piece is also available in chocolate, black and bone colors. AI1 Upright 57 Silver: 43x57.5x25.5 cm, 17x22x10in

Above: The other hardside pieces in the collection follow the design thread of fusing patterns and textures found in nature with the latest cutting-edge technology to create a crocodile skin textured pattern. The cases are lined with a soft feather print and are also available in chocolate, black and bone colours. AI2 Upright 55 Silver (Crocodile Texture): 37x55.5x21 cm, 14.4 x22x8.25in


About the Black Label Collection By Alexander McQueen:

Samsonite has a rich history of partnering with some of the world's most interesting and well-respected designers. When the time came to launch a new collaboration, thoughts turned to the man who is probably the world's most influential fashion designer - Alexander McQueen.

The McQueen brand is defined by the juxtaposition of tradition with technology; the idea of romance, nature, the influence of arts and crafts, together with edgy tailoring and a futuristic aesthetic. When brought together with Samsonite Black Label's values of luxury and style, and an unrivaled 97-year heritage of function and durability, the result is a unique collection of luxury travel items that not only meet the demands of modern travel but also one that applies the McQueen values to luggage for the very first time.


The hero piece in the collection takes design inspiration from the human rib cage. McQueen took a mold of a male torso and began to work from there. “The human ribcage protects our vital organs as we move about in the world.

Luggage takes on the same role as we travel and pack our worldly possessions inside for safe transport, ” said McQueen at the Samsonite launch of his new collection. Available in bone, black and chocolate brown, the hero piece boasts a ribcage and sternum outline in the front, and a backbone on the back.

Alexander McQueen


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